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Excellent outdoor online shop for camping and nature lovers
If you enjoy being outdoors in nature, you need high-quality equipment that is optimally tailored to your specific outdoor needs.
At mctramp24.de we present you with first-class utensils from an excellent variety of brands: whether it's a camping tent, Ferino poncho or Carinthia sleeping bag - buy the right accessories for your camping holiday or survival trip in the wilderness from us and be prepared for all imponderables prepared!

Do you camp or hike often? Do you like to spend the night under the open sky? Then you are exactly right here at mctramp24! We have an inspiring selection of models from practical light sleeping bags to extreme sleeping bags. The Carinthia Defense 4, for example, is designed for arctic temperatures (down to -36.6 degrees Celsius) and is therefore suitable for extremely cold nights in the tent. The other versions also impress with impressive qualities. We have compiled further information on this for you on the respective product pages.

Of course you can order the protective tent from us at the same time, and should it get too cold, our exclusive foldable fire bowl provides you with a pleasant opportunity to warm up. You can grill or prepare your food over an open fire on a suitable slatted grid in combination with the bowl! Defy any weather with functional, comfortable clothing from our outdoor online shop.

At night you are well protected by your tent and a Carinthia sleeping bag. And on the day? Buy the right clothes for every excursion so that even the worst weather doesn't spoil your mood! A thermal jacket keeps you warm in cool temperatures and protects you from wind and weather, rain pants let you withstand even the heaviest showers and a comfortable trekking shoe takes you everywhere pain-free. With the insulation clothing we offer you are perfectly equipped from head to toe - including underwear.

The items from our range combine protective properties with a comfortable fit, so that you can move optimally when hiking, hunting and other activities in nature. Equipment for outdoor and leisure. Would you like to be perfectly equipped down to the smallest detail? Then take your time and have a look around in our outdoor online shop and discover numerous practical products that you as a nature lover in general or as a hunter in particular do not want to do without.

You can buy tents and tent poles here as well as a rescue blanket or a mini first-aid kit for on the go. In addition, our portfolio includes: knives and tools compasses and gauges lanterns and lamps outdoor furniture and much more. We also offer various kitchen utensils for storing, preparing and consuming food and drinks – after all, what would a foldable fire bowl be without the right pots and pans?

Of course, we also carry binoculars, compasses and map measuring devices so that you can always find your way back to your base camp. Order first-class outdoor equipment of your choice directly online! If you have any questions, you can reach us on our customer hotline +49 
4182-8069373 or via our contact form. We are happy to help you with professional tips and tricks!